About Me

Note of disclosure: Everything written on my site is based on my own research, knowledge, and experience and therefore will be some biased opinion on my written material. I am not endorsed or sponsored in any way by the any company and merely want to provide knowledge seekers a comprehensive learning experience for my readers. Since I live in Canada, material will mostly be directed at Canadian audiences with definite mentions of the American financial systems due to similar culture, close proximity, and mutual economic benefits. References and citations will be posted at the bottom after the summary.

About me

Hi welcome to UChoseWiseLee, my domain where I write and post material most interesting to me and serve as an educational experience. I started this in November 23, 2014 and a long hiatus in between so I can occasionally write about my thoughts in finance, business, and life that are worth sharing and at times may cause controversy or debate. I am a business management graduate from a university in southern Ontario majoring in accounting and finance and minors in economics and psychology. I am intent on achieving the Chartered Professional Accountant designation and willing to consider more credentials in the future. I’m an avid gamer often finding myself between FPS, macro RTS, MOBAs, and Nintendo smash bros. I anticipate the coming for Division.

About the site

This site started from wanting to help my friends out by trying to give an objective factual representation on things that interest me without the need to repeat again for another. With some encouragement and recommendation from my friends, I started my advisory and consulting role online to help others. By no means am I a lawmaker, an experienced professional, a professor, or astound expert, but I do want to write material that may interest you. Occasionally, I will lean and talk more about financial-related topics as I encounter them. This will be undergoing some changes and construction as I strive to find decent work experience and balance out my lifestyle.

Feel free to comment and email me at zepharoz@gmail.com about stuff you want me to cover. I can’t guarantee I can cover everything in detail, but I will try my best.


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